In this little section, I would like to share a few assets that I've created for Sculptris Alpha5. In majority you'll find Macrea's (Shaders for Sculptris).
I built these,by using, either, Taron's excellent little program MaCrea_v015b or simply hand editing/painting in an image editing program.

(note: sorry for the stupid names, I'd didn't know what to call them)

Simply, copy the image(s) you desire, too the sculptris/materials folder on your computer and they will show up in Sculptris when you reboot the program (or click UPDATE) at the bottom of the material list.

Who I is...

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Hey there! My name is Justin and welcome to my little blog-folio. Here's a display of some of my work. You can reach me at: djeust1 *at* hotmail . com