Friday, March 19, 2010

Let me introduce myself...


My name is Justin, I'm a freelance graphic artist who lives on some secluded island, between the carribeen sea and the atlantic ocean.

This is my little blog-folio with some of my recent work.

For tools I use an everyday PC with software such as:

PhotoShop_2D Digital Paint/Image Editing
Silo______3D Polygon Modeling
Sculptris/ZBrush____3D Digital Sculpting & RT static renders
Flash_____Vectorial Animation & Interactive Scripting

I do use other software packages depending on who I'm working for and what I'm working on.

In the past I've worked as a web-site designer a T-Shirt Logo/Graphic designer as a 3D rendered video/jingle designer and as a 2D illustrator for printed publicity.

My goal is to someday soon work as a concept designer/artist in either the video game industry or for television & cinema.

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Who I is...

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Hey there! My name is Justin and welcome to my little blog-folio. Here's a display of some of my work. You can reach me at: djeust1 *at* hotmail . com