Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boolean Basemesh Experiment: The Slugthing

I've tried quite a few methodes for blocking out my base mesh object for my refined sculpt in programs like Mudbox.

Sculptris out shines it's peers in how well it is capable of adapting to even the ugliest of basemesh topologies.

I'll try to explain with my example. (click image to enlarge)

In this example, I slapped together 8 primitive objects into one resulting Boolean/union object that I call my base mesh. This object was created in an outside 3D package, any capable of Boolean operations could do.

I then imported the result as a .obj into Sculptris and modeled away.

This technique showed as a valuable shortcut to creating difficult shaped models a/o areas like armpits, armor, hard/soft area transitions...

However this method may reserve an occasional surprise in the way some of the polygons react, but that too can be fixed by smoothing and refining the problem areas.

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